Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria & Benefits of Joining CAPPP

To join CAPPP you need to meet the following criteria, and be able to provide evidence of your qualification to practice and membership of a professional body.

CAPPP is open to all counsellors and psychotherapists, aged 18 years and over, in private practice provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • have completed and qualified from a practitioner diploma level training in counselling and/or psychotherapy of at least 2 years duration and in a face to face context
  • are working in private practice or in the process of setting up in private practice
  • are receiving regular clinical supervision for this work
  • be a fully qualified member of a counselling and/or psychotherapy professional body e.g. BACP, UKCP or other equivalent body and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. (Student membership of a professional body is not acceptable for membership of CAPPP).

The benefits of CAPPP membership are:

  • Use of the emailing network “capppchat” which acts as a communication between more than 400 counsellors and psychotherapists who are members of CAPPP.  Capppchat is used for requests and messages on such things as: advertising training courses or workshops, finding counsellors working in particular areas for specific clients, requesting advice on issues and approaches, publicizing work and specific work related interests etc.
  • There is also a membership list which can be downloaded from the member’s area of the website (paper copy available on request).
  • Talks and events are held throughout the year at low cost. Currently workshop places are charged at £40 – £60 early-bird rate and £50 – £70 ordinary rate for members and £60 – £80 non-members per day. Most events are charged on a break-even basis and occasionally an event may be charged at a higher rate.
  • Networking lunches and suppers are free and are held by members in their homes on a “bring and share basis”.
  • Hubcappp meetings are social/networking gatherings which take place in local cafes.
  • CAPPP Web site at cappp.co.uk
  • Opportunity to rent Psychotherapy DVDs for personal or training purposes. The only charge is the registered postal cost.

CAPPP membership costs £22.00 pa. and is renewable annually in January of each year.

If you join between 1st July and 30th October in any year membership is £12.50 for the remainder of that year until renewal in the following January. If you join after 1st November in any year and pay the full annual amount it counts as your next year’s membership of twelve months to the following January. (You get 14 months for the price of 12.)

The year after you join you will be offered the option of setting up a Standing order at £22.00 pa

When you fill in the application form to join CAPPP we ask that you read and familiarize yourself with our policies including Workshop Policy, Constitution and Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy.

CAPPP Constitution

Download our latest constitution here:

Constitution 2011

Event Booking and Refund Policy

Event organisers try to ensure that workshop and conference facilitators are able to provide an interesting and successful event. We book people who have been recommended to us and, or have been able to present an exciting programme for an event and have known or demonstrable expertise in the topic. We cannot, however, take responsibility for their performance or approach within the event.

Booking a place

Bookings can be made by cheque or card online at www.cappp.co.uk . Places will be allocated to participants once payment of the fee has been received. Participants will receive confirmation of their booking by email, a receipt for the fee and directions to the event, usually within two weeks of the fee having been received or sooner if booked online. If participants do not receive confirmation they need to contact the CAPPP Administrator or the event coordinator as soon as possible. Contact details can be found on the website.

Cancelling a place booked on a workshop

The fee for workshops is non-refundable. If a participant booked onto a workshop is unable to attend, someone else can attend in his or her place. If numbers have been restricted there may already be a waiting list of people wanting a place. Please check with the organiser or administrator.

Cancelling a place booked at conference

The fee for conference bookings will be refunded at 50% of the cost of the booking up to 3 months before the event. After this time the booking is non-refundable but the place can be transferred.

The responsibility for transferring a cancelled booking for any event lies with the person wishing to cancel. The transfer of a booking can be advertised via capppchat. Anyone wishing to arrange a substitution should let the workshop coordinator or CAPPP administrator know, so that we do not charge twice for the same place.

The CAPPP committee will continue to try to ensure the annual programme of events is lively and stimulating. We will invite participants to let us have their evaluation of each workshop and will pass on feed back to the workshop facilitators.

This policy applies to events hosted by CAPPP. CAPPP is not responsible for events advertised on capppchat but organised by other individuals or organisations.

CAPPP policy agreed 12thFebruary 2012

Equal Opportunities Policy

Download our Equality and Diversity policy here:

Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy on the Use of CAPPPchat

Download our CAPPPChat policy document here:

CAPPP Policy on use of CAPPPchat and Referrals

Policy on the use of Membership Profiles and Qualifications

A member’s qualifications and membership of a professional body must be listed in the appropriate section of the member’s profile and must be evidenced by providing any necessary documentation to the CAPPP administrator.

A member’s qualifications or membership of a professional body are not to be included in the member’s Practice Description section of their membership profile.

If a member wants to change or add a new qualification or membership of a professional body to their profile we would ask them to go through the established verification process and send the details along with copies of certificates or membership to the CAPPP Administrator.

CAPPP Committee

May 2017