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Benefits of Membership

Membership of CaPPP allows you to use CaPPPchat, an email service which enables you to communicate with over 500 CaPPP members, to ask for or share professional information. Members also have access to the members area of the website which contains a list of all members, their contact details, specialism and areas of interest as well as a resources section. Other benefits include; reduced fees for CaPPP workshops, and the opportunity to meet others through networking events.

The current cost of membership is £30.00 for 12 months from the date you join CaPPP and is renewed annually. You can join CaPPP at any time during the year.

Membership Criteria

To avoid delays in processing your application please read the membership criteria carefully before filling in the online application form as you must provide copies of all the qualifications and memberships of professional bodies you include in your application before your application can be processed. If you have any further questions please contact the administrator via the contact form:

Membership Criteria & Benefits of Joining CaPPP

To join CaPPP you need to meet the following criteria, and be able to provide documentary evidence/copies of your qualification to practice and membership of a UK professional body. Copies of all qualifications and memberships, which you include in your application should be attached at the end of the online application form. 

CaPPP is open to all counsellors and psychotherapists, aged 18 years and over, in private practice provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • have completed and qualified from a practitioner diploma level training in counselling and/or psychotherapy of at least 2 years duration and in a face to face context
  • are working in private practice or in the process of setting up in private practice
  • are receiving regular clinical supervision for this work
  • be a member of a counselling and/or psychotherapy professional body recognised in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority e.g. BACP, NCS, UKCP or other equivalent body and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. (Student membership of a professional body is not acceptable for membership of CAPPP).

The benefits of CaPPP membership are:

  • Use of the CaPPPchat email network which communicates with over 500 counsellors and psychotherapists who are members of CaPPP.  CaPPPchat is used for messages and requests on such things as: advertising training courses and workshops, referring clients, requesting advice on issues, advertising job vacancies and practice rooms to let, discussions and other therapy related subjects.
  • Access to the list of members, their contact details, specialism and areas of interest is available in the member’s area of the website.
  • Reduced price at CaPPP events held throughout the year. CaPPP events are run on a not for profit basis.
  • Opportunity to rent Psychotherapy DVDs for personal or training purposes. The only charge is the postal cost.

When you apply to join CaPPP we ask that you read and familiarise yourself with all our policies including our Privacy  Policy, our Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy and our Constitution.

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Existing Membership Renewal

Your membership subscription will automatically renew each year on the aniversary of the date you joined CaPPP. Please let the administrator know if you decide to cancel your membership.

By renewing your membership you are confirming that you will continue to be a member of a professional body and abide by its codes of practice for the year of your renewed membership of CaPPP. You also agree to the terms and conditions of the policies found on the Policies page including our Privacy Policy.