The Committee meets every month to discuss amongst other things the programme of workshops and other events, respond to queries and problems, to manage the budget and to continue the development of CaPPP on behalf of all the members. Committee Members are nominated and elected each year at the AGM. Members who are interested in getting involved can be co-opted to the committee at any time. If you would like to be more involved or become a Committee Member please contact the Chairperson.

Committee members:

Jonathan Fifield: Chair

Jeanette Howlett: Treasurer

Heather Kapelko

Jane Renton

Katina Noble

Job advert:

Want to feel a part of a team? Develop new skills and enhance you CV? Then have you thought about joining the CaPPP Committee?

We are currently looking for new members to join the committee.

Some of the benefits of joining the committee are:

  • Feel a part of a team.
  • Helping develop and organise CPD program.
  • Develop and deliver new initiative for the CaPPP membership
  • Gain valuable experience that will enhance your CV
  • Claim out of pocket expenses – ie mileage.
  • The role is on a voluntary basis and the commitment is 2-4 hours a months
  • Attending CPD events

What is the commitment?

2-4 hours a month or more if you so choose.  The committee meets once a month for a 1 hour and 45 minute meeting and is hosted by committee members on a rotational basis.  Meetings are fun and interesting with a great selection of snacks.

If you would like to find out more information then please contact me via email: or mobile: 07969934719.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



As a private practitioner I was looking for ways to feel that I was a more active part of a wider network. I also wanted to give something back to CaPPP as I find the training and support it provides so useful. Joining the committee fulfilled both these needs. The meetings are fun and friendly, and being a committee member really doesn’t take up too much time. It’s good to be part of such a pleasant team!


I feel proud to be a member of the CaPPP committee, which I joined at last years AGM. I was looking for a new challenge and to gain an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of CaPPP, such as organising CPD events and finding workshop facilitators for the AGM. I believe that CAPPP is a valuable resource for the counselling/psychotherapy community and it feels good to be part of something worthwhile.


I am the latest recruit to the CaPPP Committee.  It was a painless process to join. Maria asked me (after we had conversed a few times by email) if I might be interested in joining the committee. I thought why not? It is always good to network amongst other like minded people and I thought I would feel more part of the Counselling Community in the area, plus I was putting some faces to names I see in emails. I needed a couple of CaPPP members to nominate and second me to the committee and whilst this was in process I went along to my first committee meeting. Everyone was warmly welcoming and I felt part of the team. I need not have worried about not being an IT boffin as there are others who are well versed in this area. What I hope to bring to the CaPPP committee is my business and life skills, and to help out in any way I can. The job advert did not put me off and if you feel like-minded why not come and join us – the old adage of ‘many hands make light work’ rings true here.

Kirsti (ex-chair)

 ‘What I really liked about being on the CaPPP committee was to feel a part of a team and feeling connected to a network of therapeutic practitioners.  Developing new initiatives and engaging in developing a CPD program for the membership. When I joined the committee I was just developing my private practice in Bristol and joining CaPPP and then the committee helped me feel more familiar to the city. I also believe and feel that the experience and new skills acquired by being chair will and does positively enhance my CV.’

Pavla (ex-member)

 Being on the CaPPP committee was a great opportunity. I was new to the area and the committee was welcoming and supportive, it allowed me to build my practice and get to know colleagues and new friends quickly and effortlessly. It gave me a chance to contribute to the community of counsellors and therapists, learn new skills and participate in organising events I would want to go to anyway!