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Applying to join CaPPP is a three part process:

  1. Complete the online application form below
  2. Provide documentary evidence to the administrator of all qualifications and memberships of professional bodies (eg, BACP, UKCP etc.) that you include in your application. Your evidence of qualifications and memberships can be uploaded at the end of the online form or sent by email or post to the CaPPP administrator. (additional qualifications can be added at any time using the same validation process)
  3. Pay the membership fee by debit or credit card at the end of the online application.

Please do not post original documents as evidence.

The administrator will not process your application or contact you until he has received your documentary evidence.

To join CaPPP you must meet the membership criteria, and be able to provide evidence of your qualification to practice and membership of a professional body. You also need to provide evidence of any additional qualifications and memberships or affiliations to professional bodies that you include in your entry. You can upload your evidence at the end of the form below or email it to or post it to our administrator. All registrations are subject to checks by the CaPPP Administrator and on completion of payment.

CaPPP is open to all counsellors and psychotherapists, aged 18 years and over, in private practice provided that they meet the following requirements:

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Choose a secure but memorable password, This XKCD webcomic has great advice!

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Please describe your practice, including any areas of special interest or expertise, in order to guide CAPPP members consulting your profile who may wish to consult with you or make a referral. (500 characters max). Details of qualifications are not to be include under practice description.

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What is your main counselling or psychotherapy qualification:

Please give up to three significant further qualifications (not CPD workshops or short courses) that you would like to appear on your member profile:


Please state which professional body you belong to whose code of ethics you follow


Upload any supporting documents that will aid in providing proof of your qualifications and affiliations. You can upload .doc, .docx, .pdf or an image file. If you have trouble uploading please remove the file and provide it separately via email.


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