A Workshop to help us deepen connection with ourselves, the earth and the mysteries of life

For many of us spending time in the natural world, maybe in parks, gardens or woods, is deeply replenishing.  There is evidence that even short periods of time in nature enhances our parasympathetic nervous systems and thus reduces stress and anxiety.

At the same time, as we all know, the environment is in great need of our awareness and care at this point in history.  Species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate; the oceans are becoming acidic, climate change is already causing chaos to humans. We know that all life is interconnected. We are an entirely inter-dependent system. We forget this at our peril.

This workshop will be primarily experiential. It offers an opportunity to connect to this extraordinary, and yet ordinary life in the natural world; to deepen our own connection to wildlife – plants, trees, insects, the earth, the sky, and of course ourselves …….and to explore how we might include this wider world in our work with our clients, either in our consulting rooms or outside on the land.


During the day:

There will be exercises helping you to sharpen your senses and increase your awareness of the variety of life around us.

We will explore our emotional responses to aspects of the natural world.

We will look at ways of bringing ‘the more than human’ into our work.

There will be solo time, and time sharing with others. The whole day will be spent in Leigh Woods and will include a picnic.  

This workshop is suitable for student counsellors and psychotherapists as well as experienced clinicians.


The workshop is lead by Sue Ryall.  Sue has worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist for 30 years, working in a variety of health settings as well as in private practice.  She has felt drawn to the land, trees, ocean, birds as long as she can remember.  She has been actively involved in ecopsychology over the past 12 years, undertaking trainings and running workshops in Joanna Macy’s ‘Work that Reconnects’ and in ‘Nature Based Practices’, and running groups and working with individuals to strengthen people’s connection with the land.  She has had a regular Sufi practice for many years and loves a variety of outdoor activities, including walking and playing tennis.

Times: Please arrive by 9.45 to be ready to start at 10.00 am

Lunch: Please bring your own packed lunch and drink

Meeting Point: Valley Road Car Park, Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve, Bristol BS8 3QB

For further details please follow the link to our Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/cappp-16089103841