Sheila McCarthy Dodd and Clare Crombie will offer a Constellation workshop, introducing participants the idea of the systemic ‘lens’;  which brings an entirely different experience to intractable issues, and creates a compassionate space where healing movements can begin to occur. Using this “lens” and the method of constellating, we can look without judgment at the trans-generational transmission of trauma; in attachment relationships, in families and in relationships where resources for healing may have been scarce, and where children have had to share the burden of the events that have impacted on their families.

Through this process, participants will be able to begin to inquire with their clients using this wider ‘lens’ and incorporate the learning into their practice. The workshop will be largely experiential, as this is the best way to get a full introduction to a truly phenomenological way of working. There will be some exercises in the morning in small groups and we would like to spend the afternoon working with the whole group, to give everyone an experience of a whole Constellation process.


Sheila and Clare have been colleagues since 1997, when they first started studying constellations, having completed their initial counselling and psychotherapy training. For 14 years they were both members of a self development group with Hunter Beaumont, one of the foremost practitioners of Constellations, and have also studied with Albrecht Mahr, Stephan Hausner, Judith Hemming, Franz Ruppert and many of the other senior practitioners in the field. They particularly enjoy working together, and feel that their partnership brings something unique to the work.

Sheila has a busy therapy and supervision practice in Gloucester and co teaches a supervision diploma training with Karl Gregory. Clare has recently started studying art while maintaining a small therapy and supervision practice in Oxford and running Constellation workshops in Edinburgh several times a year. Clare and Sheila offer Constellation workshops regularly in Stroud.

Venue: Engineer’s House, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB

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