The CAPPP member’s Annual Gathering is this year a free CPD event for CaPPP members only and includes the choice of one of five morning workshops and an afternoon experiential presentation by Karl Gregory entitled “Relational Being – The New Enlightenment.” When you book your place you must choose only one of the morning workshops (choices and descriptions of each morning workshop are given below). The afternoon presentation, lunch and refreshments will automatically be included in your booking. 

To book choose only one morning workshop from the following five workshops, lunch, refreshments and the afternoon experiential presentation will automatically be included in your booking:

An Introduction to Gender Identity with Lynda Quick

Somatic Body Psychotherapy with John Dent

Integral Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Sophie Shenstone

It’s a Shame with Jonny Fifield

First Aid in the Counselling Room with Richard Long of Reflex First Aid

The Annual Gathering afternoon experiential presentation from 14.15 to 16.15: 

Relational Being – The New Enlightenment a talk by Karl Gregory

The last four centuries of the ‘Enlightenment’ has run its course, the Western World view of the power of reason and individualism is now being challenged by social practitioners, relational counsellors/psychotherapists and now with neuroscientists. 

A ‘New Enlightenment’ is emerging based on the realisation that this individualist concept of life is a creation of its time, which not all societies follow, and which is now showing its limitations.

 The traditional concepts that have influenced therapeutic approaches – dependency, independency, separation, individuation, self-actualisation and standing on our own two feet – are now being re-interpreted as interdependence, connection, co-creation, collectivism and mutual growth.

 In our therapeutic models and approaches, as the real relationship comes into view, then our assumptions, models and techniques are brought into question.

 In this talk I will chart the course that is said to be the ‘New Enlightenment’ and explore together what it means in the context of Relational Therapy.

Karl Gregory is an integrative relational therapist – integrating relational, existential and systems approaches.

He has been a lecturer and external examiner at various Universities and Colleges in the UK and provides workshops, counselling and supervision for organisations. 

Karl is a Co-founder of Severn Talking Therapy which is used as a vehicle to run an annual Supervision Conference in the UK, and a Diploma in Relational Supervision in addition to workshops.

 Karl has had articles published on issues around Counselling, Supervision and Mental Health and has run his own private therapy practice in Brockworth for 20 years.


Morning workshop details:

An Insight into being Trans with Lynda Quick

Over the past 10 -15 years there has been a significant increase of the number of people seeking gender reassignment. In order to understand how to work effectively as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist with Transgender clients it is essential to have some understanding of what being ‘Trans’ is like for the client involved. This workshop will give this insight.

 Lynda has 14 years experience working with Gender Identity issues at the Laurels Specialist Gender Identity Clinic in Exeter. Seven of those years as Lead Psychotherapist. Lynda retired from the NHS in March 2018.

Lynda has been a guest speaker at National and International Conferences and has developed her own training workshops which give an in-depth Understanding of Gender Dysphoria, Gender Variance, Achieving an Authentic Gender Identity, Cross-Sex Hormone treatment, and Male-to-Female and Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Somatic Body Psychotherapy with John Dent

Touch in psychotherapy can feel like a minefield,  it is often avoided and seen as a taboo.  Along with this, counsellors can get stuck in feeling too comfortable and safe in sessions by being glued to the chair and words when movement can sometimes offer clients a different perspective on a particular dilemma. Though obviously talking is a powerful and useful way of expressing and understanding the psyche, it is useful to feel comfortable with inviting non-verbal contact into the space.  Whether this is to explore preverbal issues,  putting a hand on a client’s back as support or allowing space for the release of intense emotions that have got stuck in verbosity.

Working with the body in sessions is a powerful way of working with material that may not otherwise be available to work with through words alone. The body tells a story that the cognitive mind can’t always recall and to reach it we need to engage with the body’s memory.

In this workshop you get the opportunity to explore how you can bring movement and touch as a possible part of your practice. We will also look at when touch is invasive and inappropriate.

John – My therapeutic journey began 35 years ago when I was 20 years old and I became involved with a primal therapy commune.  Finding emotional expression and connecting to my body, authenticity and other people willing to do the same was like finding home. Thus began a long journey of various counselling and therapy training including two extensive body-psychotherapy training with The Entelia institute and Nick Totton. I also run workshops exploring sexuality, non-sexual touch, men’s groups and Eco-psychotherapy .

I have trained in various therapeutic approaches including Embodied Relational Therapy (AdvDip), Reichian deep bodywork  (Adv Dip), trans-cultural counselling  and psychodrama. I also work therapeutically with clients outdoors in nature.  

Integral Hatha Yoga/Meditation with Sophie Shenstone

 A multi-level class taking you on a Shenyoga journey. Breath, affirmation, sensitivity, presence, stretch, tone, effort, release, ground, centre, inner stillness. The journey home.

 Sophie – I have practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years, as a way of health, wonder, self-discovery, and integrating Body/Nature/Spirit. Through practice I regularly re set my inner compass and personal ethic. Inspirations include Insight Meditation, Tibetan Meditation, Dru Yoga, Integral Yoga, and the rich tapestry of life, death, Nature’s cycles, relationships, chance meetings, and the gold within each shadow.

A balance of dynamic and restorative postures, attention to core strength, meditation, deep relaxation.

Ideally wear loose-fitting clothing that you can move in. If you have a yoga mat do bring it. Mats will be provided.

Max 15 people

It’s a Shame with Jonny Fifield

This is an experiential workshop and an opportunity to explore working with shame in counselling and psychotherapy. Shame is a word that evokes strong and powerful emotions in us all and for good reason, as it forms social cohesion. Shame has both positive and negative connotations. Whereas, guilt provokes feeling ‘I did something bad” then shame provokes feeling “I am bad” and when this negative thought becomes imprinted a person becomes shame-prone and believes they are a bad person regardless of the thing they have done.

For our clients, negative toxic shame can have a lasting effect on a person’s life, it can take a great deal of courage to talk about a shameful event. Being a skilled counsellor requires being able to sit with the client’s shame without feeling shamed or re-shaming them.

The basis of this workshop is to explore shame in a safe and confidential space. There will be a group exercise with an emphasis throughout about self-care and avoiding over-exposure or potential re-shaming.

As this is an experiential workshop you will be invited to explore being able to sit with the feeling of shame and how this could benefit your client work.

Jonny – studied Counselling at UWE and works in private practice in Bristol. He is currently training to become a supervisor. I am experienced in working with alcohol and addiction clients and how shame underlies most if not all addictions. I previously trained and worked at the Bristol SWAN Project and run workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists on topics such as Shame, Anxiety at Christmas, General Data Protection Regulation and Marketing.

First Aid in the Counselling Room with Reflex First Aid

We will cover the basics of first aid including recovery position, CPR and defibrillator awareness using our training defibrillator during this taster session.

 Reflex First Aid Training Ltd was founded in 2005 and offers, amongst a wide range of other professional first aid training, course in emergency first aid at work, in schools and first aid for therapists.

 Rich is a member of the MRO (Mendip Rescue Organization).  He is a reiki master and a trustee of SOS Africa, a small family run charity providing holistic education to South African township children.  His qualifications include: First Aid at Work Instructor/Assessor Certificate, FAA Level 3 First Aid at Work, Anaphylaxis Instructor Certificate, Oxygen Therapy Instructor Certificate (Training Provider – NUCO/FAA Awards),  Advanced Certificate in Health & Safety in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution & Personal Safety Trainer, National Association of Sports Coaches, The Further & Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate.  He was also the First Aid Tutor/Coordinator for 7 years at Norton Radstock College before moving to Reflex.

Booking via Eventbrite: 

Annual Gathering: Free please book a place on the morning workshop of your choice which will automatically include lunch, refreshments and the afternoon presentation. (choose only one morning workshop)

Registration and refreshments options:

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Venue: Engineer’s House, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB