The CAPPP member’s annual gathering and AGM is a free event for CAPPP members only and includes the choice of one of five morning workshops and one afternoon workshop as well as lunch and refreshments.

When you register your place you must choose only one of the following morning workshops. The afternoon workshop, lunch and refreshments are automatically included.

Choose only one morning workshop from:

Yoga – Sam Cairns

SandTray Therapy – Anna Grace-Jacobs

Fresh Prespectives Creative Writing for Wellbeing – Fiona Hamilton

Working with Client Generated Metaphor – Pavla Radostova

Art Therapy – Tyna Evans

The afternoon workshop below is for all participants

Marketing with Jonny Fifield

The AGM is from 10.00am to approximately 11.00am or as soon as business is dealt with.

Morning workshop details:

Yoga with Sam

This will be a gentle, relaxing 90-minute yoga class exploring how to centre and ground ourselves in our bodies and into the present moment. It will be suitable for all levels and abilities, age and genders and will not assume any previous yoga experience. Just be sure to make the teacher aware of any physical injuries or other appropriate information before the beginning of class.

If you have any yoga mats, blankets, blocks or cushions please bring them along and wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing that you can move in.

Max 15 people

Sam trained as a Dance and Movement Therapist and is an experienced yoga teacher. She runs classes in South Glos. Her classes are personal and relaxed.

Sandtray Therapy with Anna Grace-Jacobs

‘ Sandtray therapy offers a holistic form of therapy which resonates as much with body as mind, psyche and soul.  Based on Jungian principles, but used in an integrative and humanistic format, we will touch on the power and depth of sandtray therapy – it is hard to describe if you have never experienced this most playful and profound process in which we place small miniatures in a sandtray box – I will be bringing in some equipment for you to handle the medium, and explore your responses.  I will offer one in depth example, and give the opportunity for each person to have a short experience – it will not be possible to do more than a small taster, as the need for safety and containment is very important in arts therapy, and sandtray is a powerful evocative medium for growth and transformation – the presence of a safe grounded therapist is paramount – however I do hope you will come to touch into how sandtray therapy is used, and to hear or feel what it’s potential is.  – I have been offering trainings in sandtray therapy for quite a few years, most recently in this area, and as a therapist for over twenty years.   All are welcome…’   Anna Grace-Jacobs

Fresh Perspectives with Fiona Hamilton

 Creative writing for wellbeing can bring fresh view points and understandings. It is a flexible expressive practice that can be serious and playful. It draws on therapeutic and literary resources and can bring new resources for reflection that can benefit practitioners in caring professions in their work and lives.

 In this workshop facilitator Fiona Hamilton will encourage participants in a supportive group environment where each person can take the process at their own pace. There will be a variety of starting points to stimulate your creative writing, and opportunities for reflection. There is no requirement for prior experience or to share unless you wish to – only a willingness to participate in a rich unfolding process. ‘Fresh Perspectives’ will include writing from objects and pictures, a chance to explore different writing forms, and a collaborative activity.

 Fiona Hamilton is a writer and facilitator with experience of working with a range of groups facilitating creative writing and arts in health. She has done extensive work in healthcare settings and with people affected by long-term health challenges. She also works with children, young people and adults – currently a Poetry in the Park project gathering people’s stories and impressions of a city park, historically and now. She is a tutor with Metanoia Institute on its MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and with University of Bristol on the Poetry of Medicine course for medical students. She recently gave a talk to the Bristol Psychotherapy Association called ‘Where the Light Gets In: the arts and health’.


Working with Client Generated Metaphor with Pavla Radostova

Metaphors are part of our way of expressing ourselves – “I feel like I’m wading through water”. “It’s is out of reach”. “Opening a can of worms”. In few words we can capture a depth of experience otherwise hidden.

In this taster session we will look at how to listen for clients using metaphors. We will talk about how these can be used to enhance client’s way of experiencing in the here and now, deepening their contact with themselves, and the potential for change and for becoming unstuck in the impasse. Metaphors are excellent way of working creatively and in depth in short term work.

Art Therapy’ with Tyna Evans.

This is an art therapy workshop that is focused on exploring art materials to consider the experiences and stories we hold in our bodies. This can be something that may fit in quite well with practitioners who use mindfulness in their practice and a “tool” that is quite easy to take away, it could be even used within supervision. This will involve large sheets of paper in which participants can map their own bodies, then using a range of art materials, colours and symbols begin to map a bodily experience in their image; this could represent a life experience or a collection of life stories, or even consider a specific client and think of how they hold them in their body. There will be time then to reflect with the group what has been created. 

Registration and refreshments are available from 9.30 for a prompt start at 10.00

Venue: Engineer’s House, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB

Lunch and refreshments are included

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