Workshop providing understanding and awareness around alternative lifestyles and exploration of our own reactions and perceptions


Run by Pavla Radostova

Polyamorous, BDSM, MsDs, Furries, Leather communities, Open relationships, Swingers, Electro play, Kinky, Cosplay, Asexual…..or just playing and exploring


These are examples of some of the different terms and names within and associated with alternative sexual activities and lifestyles. Alternative sexual lifestyles and activities are becoming more accepted and more people are feeling able and comfortable about voicing what they are exploring and enjoying in their private lives and this in turn implies that it may more and more frequently present itself in therapy.

The workshop is aimed for counsellors and psychotherapists.

In this workshop we will speak about the different varieties of human sexuality.

It aims to enhance your therapeutic practice and knowledge.

Raise awareness about what sexual lifestyle can mean.

We will explore how and when this topic comes into counselling and psychotherapy room.

We will look at the difficulties clients can face when navigating their sexuality and relationships.

We will focus particularly on working with basic ground rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

For many of us these topics can bring discomfort, prejudices, questions and curiosity –I hope to create a welcome and open space for these to be brought in. There will be space to explore our own reactions to the material presented in the workshop, which can sometimes be mirrored in the therapeutic relationship – all are welcome in the workshop.

No previous knowledge required.


Pavla Radostova

Pavla is a Therapeutic counsellor and psychotherapist, member of BACP and UKCP accredited, she holds an Msc in Psychology, PgDip in Psychotherapy and is a committee member of CAPPP. Pavla has always been fascinated by the diversity of human experiences including sexuality. Throughout her practice she has noticed that many of her clients were exploring a variety of sexual lifestyles and have been met with often difficult reactions from others in their lives. Since the start of her practice she has focused on expanding her own knowledge and understanding of alternative sexual lifestyles in the context of therapy. Pavla is currently in the process of gaining Pink Therapy Accreditation. 

Venue: Engineer’s House, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB

Lunch and refreshments are included in the price

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