CAPPP Annual Gathering & AGM – Creativity and Play in Therapy

October 28, 2017

09:30 - 04:30

You are warmly invited to attend CAPPPs AGM 2017. The AGM will be held at Engineers House and lunch and refreshments will be provided. This year the theme is Creativity and Play in Therapy and the day offers an opportunity to meet with fellow CAPPP members, participate in a workshop and group activity, and hear the Annual report from the Chair and committee members.

The AGM is a free event to CAPPP members only.

9.00 – 9.30: Registration
9.30 – 11.15: AGM
11.15 – 11.30: Coffee
11.45 – 1.15: Workshops
Anna Jacobs – Use of Arts for Adults
Jo Hoare – Laughter therapy
Lee Coombes – Story Structure and archetypes
Ounkar Kaur – Open Space/Discussion – Struggling with creativity
Reza – Tango Argentino/movement
1.15 – 2.00: Lunch
2.15 – 3.45: Group Activity
Tallulah Rendall – her ‘Wild Singing – nurture your authentic voice’
4 – 4.30: Round-up and reflections on the day

Small group workshops 11:45-1:15:

Use of arts for working with Adults with Anna Jacobs
Point of contact: Kirsti Leljak
I am a qualified play therapist, creative arts specialist, counsellor, creative arts supervisor and healer with over thirty years of training and experience behind me – I have a passion for the use of the arts in therapy, supervision and counselling and currently train therapists in the use of Sandtray Therapy – I have facilitated many groups and trainings over the years, and always love to introduce these techniques to those who are interested – I am a past co-ordinator of services for children, adults and families particularly in the fields of grief and loss and palliative care, as well as cancer care – I have a wide experience of working with trauma of all kinds and always found the use of the arts is profoundly helpful for those facing such trauma.  I am also a spiritual being who links the spiritual with therapy and  bodywork, so my path now brings me to integrate all these – I find the use of arts within therapy links mind, body and spirit in an accessible format for most clients.
At a personal level I am an artist and writer, dancer and meditator, as well as a partner,  mother and grandmother.  I love nature, art, music, and walks outdoors, and seek always to live at the highest potential I can.  I am never afraid to try new things and truly believe we are all here to grow and reach joy in our lives.  ‘

Workshop info
Welcome to ‘The Use of Arts in Adults’ In this workshop you will expect to touch on the power of the arts in a therapeutic context  – we will briefly explore techniques, experience at least two and touch on the theory behind how the arts work in our psyche.  I always offer experiential trainings, with some theory, so come prepared to try new things out, or deepen your experience, as well as learn some of the background to these techniques.  We will not be using sandtray therapy, but the miniature’s used within the sandtray will be available, as well as drawing materials, modelling materials and writing  – distilling the use of arts into a two hour section we will be mindful of our own histories, and acknowledge that the arts can go deep very quickly into the psyche.  At the end of the session I hope you will have a sense of the potential for the arts within the counselling room, had a personal experience or two to whet your appetite, and some understanding of the theories that underpin the arts in therapy.  I look forward to meeting you.  Anna’

Laughter Therapy with Joe Hoare
Point of contact: Jonny Fifield
I have been active in the field of developing human potential for over 25 years. I started specialising in the healing power of laughter in the late 1990’s and trained in laughter yoga in the early 2000’s. In 2006 I initiated the Laughter Facilitation Skills course to teach people how to use & integrate these skills themselves, both personally & professionally. I work with a diverse client base in workplaces, conferences, festivals and one-to-one.

Workshop info
Laughter yoga – how can it help you?
The short answer is that you’ll never know until you experience it for yourself 
This workshop is energising, enlivening, active, playful, connecting and interactive.
It will encourage and invite embodiment, present-moment awareness and good-natured connection. These specific aspects have been identified previously by counsellors, therapists and psychologists as useful take-aways from #laughteryogawithJoe workshops.
The laughter itself is natural, genuine and spontaneous and is a by-product of the session, not its primary aim (see above).
There is no ‘forced’ or fake laughter, and no one is ever put on the spot.

Story structure and archetypes with Lee Coombes
Point of contact: Pavla Radostova

Lee Coombes is a published writer playwright and performance artist. His plays have been performed by Theatre West and appeared at Stuttgart foreign language theatre festival, Bristol Old Vic. He has toured England in an Arts Council sponsored story telling tour. He has an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University. He is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with over 16 years experience.

Workshop info
Who are the characters in stories? What is common to all stories? What are the essential themes that come up again and again? With Lee you will get a taster look at story arcs, story archytpes, genre, the energy of nursery rhymes, (nonsense) nursery stories. Experiential workshop around storytelling and the archetypes we see in the story.

Struggling with Creativity with Ounkar Kaur
Point of contact: Maria Lyons

I have been a tutor/trainer for Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) for the last 10 years. I developed the popular 10 week course ‘Listening skills for working in a multi-multicultural society’, in addition to this I taught on the Foundation Course. My teaching experience includes The University of Bristol where I taught on the PG Diploma in Counselling/MSc. I was involved in curriculum development during this period and lectured specifically in the area around Race, Culture and Ethnicity. I continue to provide bespoke updated diversity training to a variety of organisations and agencies.
I have been involved in the field of mental health since 1995. In 2000, my first post involved setting up a formal counselling service for women from the South Asian community. This was the first ‘culturally sensitive’ service within the South West and proved particularly successful due to therapists offering counselling in the clients’ mother-tongue and having a extensive knowledge of various cultural and religious issues. Last after an intensive psychotherapy training I became a member of The Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy and am registered with The British Psychoanalytic Council. In addition to this, I am a professional member of The International Association for Counselling, this keeps me informed of latest research and developments in counselling and psychotherapy from worldwide perspectives, it is exciting to be part of a therapeutic global community.
In 2008 I was sponsored by Ferns Associates (private training company) and became an accredited Race Equality Trainer; the training was accredited by The London Metropolitan University and delivered in the context of mental health. It was specifically designed for practitioners from various disciplines to promote equality and enable individuals from Black and Ethnic Minority communities (BME) to access mainstream mental health services.
During my psychotherapy training I applied for the post of ‘honorary counsellor’ for The Bridge Foundation (Bristol). I remained in this post for over 3 years providing time-limited counselling for couples; I worked with couples in inter-racial and same sex relationships, in addition to this, I provided counselling to individuals often in their mother-tongue.
My recent work with Oasis-Talk (Emotion Health and Well-Being) a NHS commissioned service, focused on provided time-limited counselling to individuals from the South Asian community offering counselling in clients’ native languages i.e. Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and/or Bi-lingually.

Workshop info
This workshop will give individuals an opportunity to explore why they struggle with working creatively. We will give some thought to how our trainings and modalities perhaps make us feel as if we are ‘not allowed’ to think creatively, therefore we develop a strong loyalty to orthodoxy. This can inhibit us from bringing our creative side into the consulting room.

In my experience clients have benefited from various interventions such as the use of visualisations/guided imagery which helped some clients relax making it possible to engage more readily with their therapist/therapy. Encouraging clients to write therapeutically to oneself is another example; both of which can allow for a deeper emotional understanding and lead to reparative healing.
During the 3 years I was involved with Womankind (Bristol Women’s Therapy Centre) I worked with clients in the refugee and asylum seekers counselling project. We received referrals from Refugee Action, Refugee Rights and Unseen U.K. The clients presented with complex trauma and spoke little or no English and were new to accessing mainstream mental health services. The above interventions were particularly effective with this client group.
In this ‘open space’ workshop, a variety of experiential exercises will be used in our quest to understand our struggle to work creatively. We will end with a discussion/debate and have a chance to process earlier responses from the workshop.

Tango Argentino – movement with Reza Ahmad
Point of contact: Reza Ahmad

Reza Ahmad is a Gestalt Psychotherapist with a private practice in Bristol. His approach includes attending to body process whilst taking into account the unique creative adaptations of each individual. His profound passion, for dance, has been a guiding principle throughout his adult life. Having been a sufferer of chronic pain due to a health condition (Ankylosing Spondylitis) he found that the exploration of dance was a vital force in the healing of his condition. Reza began dancing Tango Argentino in 2004 and has been teaching classes and workshops since 2011.

Workshop info
Tango Argentino is an improvised dance in which one partner ‘leads’ and the other ‘follows’. The foundation of the dance is the ability to simply walk together in unison. This class will be a playful introduction, with substance, in which we will begin to explore the basic principles of grounding, connecting with a dance partner and leading or following the Tango walk. We will be using a few simple exercises to develop this skill. There will be no ‘steps’ to memorise and the leading/following roles are not dependent on gender. No previous dance experience is required.

Afternoon Group workshop 2:15-3:45:

Tallulah Rendall
Wild Singing – nurture your authentic voice

After spending many years touring worldwide as a Singer-Songwriter and suffering from ill health, Tallulah choose to place wellbeing and happiness at the core of her life; a place previously dominated by her creative drive. This drew her towards Chinese Medicine and the beautiful practise of Qi Gong She is now a qualified Qi Gong Teacher and has combined her passion for song and sound to help people attune to ways of leading healthier lives and connecting deeper to their creativity; she is currently also trained as a Sound Therapist.

Workshop info
An afternoon of Qi Gong, Sound Meditations, Toning, Song, Harmony, Rhythm & Spontaneous Musical Creativity..
We will also explore techniques to transform nerves & build confidence.
No singing or Qi Gong experience necessary.
Simply come and play…