Current coronavirus guidance for attending CaPPP events in 2021

What we ask you to do before you attend an event

CaPPP coronavirus precautions: To attend any CaPPP event in 2021 we would prefer you to have received both covid-19 vaccinations unless you are unable to do so due to health reasons.* To reduce the spread of the virus we would like you to take a lateral flow test the evening before attending any CaPPP event and confirm the test was negative when you sign in at the event.* You can obtain free test kits from If you feel unwell or have been in contact with anyone having covid-19 or shown any signs of covid-19 within the past two weeks please do not attend the event. Prior to the start of the event a refund for the event can be obtained by contacting

What we ask you to do at the event

Venue coronavirus precautions: Engineer’s House ask that people attending any event wear a mask on entering the building and at all times in public areas but not in the event rooms unless you wish to do so or the event facilitator asks everyone to do so. All rooms are sanitised the evening before an event with a mist that sterilises all surfaces including walls, ceilings, furniture etc. for up to 48 hours but is harmless to people. Hand sanitizer, gel and wipes are provided in each room and seating is spaced at 2 metres apart. Lunch and refreshment breaks may be taken in the event room, in one of the indoor dining areas or in one of our outside marques.

*We aim to be mindful and respectful where there are potentially circumstances where an individual cannot safely demonstrate their COVID-19 status by taking a vaccination or a test. We accept self-declared medical exemptions where an individual cannot vaccinate or test. You may declare a medical exemption directly with us. If you would prefer to demonstrate your COVID-19 status using the NHS COVID Pass we will accept this. Similarly, if you confirm that you have a self-declared exemption, but are unable to show any evidence, we will accept this.